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The Amazing Cyclone Rake is Canada's Choice for Easy Property Clean up

Fall and all leaf clearing will be here before you know it and we want to make that tough job easy. The Cyclone Rake will clear  your largest piles of leaves and all the places they hide quickly and efficiently. Then during the spring and summer months continue to use your Cyclone Rake to keep your property looking its best. Sign up Today to get a FREE, no obligation Info Kit and learn about the unique and powerful features of the Cyclone Rake. You’ll be able to compare each model so you can decide which is perfect for your property clean up needs. 

Yes! It Will Work With Your Mower!

The Cyclone Rake has hitch and mower deck fit-ups available for virtually all riding mowers, tractors and ZTR’s. If it has a right-handed discharge it should work! We don’t leave you to “go it alone” when fitting up. Our knowledgeable Installation Experts will get you just what you need.

1-Year Risk-Free Trial

If at any time during those 12 months of ownership you opt to return your Cyclone Rake, we will refund your purchase. We even pay the return shipping from any customer location in the contiguous United States or contiguous Canada.

FREE 3-Year Warranty

Every Cyclone Rake including the engine, impeller, and collector unit is warranted for three years from the date of delivery for residential use and one year for commercial use. The Cyclone Rake is built from quality materials and made to last.