A Large Leaf Vacuum with Maximum Power & Capacity

The Cyclone Rake Z-10 power leaf vacuum was engineered to handle the biggest and toughest property clean-up jobs. With its huge 10 HP Briggs & Stratton® Vanguard™ engine, the Super-Flow Miracle Impeller, and the giant 10-inch diameter JetPath® Vacuum System, this Cyclone Leaf Rake is the most powerful Cyclone Rake we make. Combined with 415 gallons of capacity, you’ll get the job done right the first time. Clearing large lawns of heavy debris and overgrown grass has never been easier.

List: $4,419.00 CAD

10-inch Diameter JetPath Vacuum System

The 10-inch diameter JetPath Vacuum System has nearly three times more debris flow area than 6-inch vacuum systems. Its short, streamlined debris path greatly reduces the chance of debris getting stuck along the vacuum path. You’ll get “one pass” performance with the most effective, clog-resistant vacuum system we’ve ever developed. Plus, get a FREE Tuff-PRO Urethane deck hose upgrade!

10 HP Vanguard Engine – New & Improved

The new and improved 10HP Vanguard Engine from Briggs & Stratton provides more power to give your Z-10 13% more airflow than earlier 10 HP engines. All Briggs and Stratton Vanguard engines are built with numerous features not found on other equipment. The engine chassis even includes handles and wheels for easy transport and storage. Electric Start Engines Available!

Folds Flat for Storage

The entire Cyclone Rake Z-10 collector unit folds up flat and hangs right on the wall with our garage wall mount. It can be stored almost anywhere in a few simple steps without any tools. The engine unit even has its own caster wheels for easy roll-away storage.

Super-Flow Miracle Impeller

The Cyclone Rake Z-10 features the Super-Flow Miracle Impeller. It’s the largest impeller we make and It generates more vacuum power than any other impeller in our line. The Miracle Impeller creates incredible vacuum power but flexes to prevent damage or jams.

415-Gallon Clean-up Capacity

With the Z-10’s huge 415-gallon capacity, you’ll clear and collect an incredible amount of lawn debris. This Cyclone Leaf Rake’s capacity is equivalent to 44 bushels. That’s more than 12 of these 32-gallon barrels of debris in every collector load.

Easy-Flow Unloading & Never Jackknives

The Easy-Flow collector design lets the debris fall right out when you unload so you can put your debris where you want it. Plus the Cyclone Rake’s dual pin hitch design allows for safer unloading. It will never jackknife when backing up to your dumpsite.