Proven Performance. Agile Handler.

The Cyclone Rake Classic is a legend in the industry and has been in continuous production for over 15 years. It’s light in weight, so it works with riding mowers of any size, even rear-engine riders. It is also compact in size, so it maneuvers easily on congested and smaller properties. The Cyclone Rake Classic has a Briggs and Stratton® XR950-PRO engine and our patented 4-blade Miracle Impeller which produces terrific vacuum power to keep your property looking great.

List: $2,699.00 CAD

Simple to Use & Never Jackknives

The Cyclone Rake Classic is ideal for hilly or congested properties. It’s smaller and more compact than our other machines, so you can get around easier in tight places. You will never jackknife while backing up to unload. Most small lawn mowers like rear-engine riders and tractors below 10 HP are a perfect match for the Cyclone Rake Classic Model.

7-inch Diameter Vacuum System

The 7-inch diameter JetPath Vacuum System on the Cyclone Rake Classic gives you almost 40% more cross-section area for debris handling than the 6-inch systems commonly sold.

B&S XR950-PRO Engine & Miracle Impeller

This Cyclone Rake for sale has the XR950-PRO coupled with our patented 4-blade Miracle Impeller. This professional -grade engine delivers 9.5 ft-lbs. of torque and will give you many times the lifting power of even the best mowers. It does a great job on both leaves in the fall and grass in the spring and summer.

Folds Flat in Minutes

Don’t struggle with a lawn vacuum system that needs lots of storage space when it’s not in use. The Cyclone Rake Classic is our most compact design. It folds flat in a few easy steps and fits just about anywhere.

200-Gallon Clean-up Capacity

The Classic’s 200-gallon capacity equals 27 cubic feet or about 20 bushels of debris. That’s more than 6 big 32-gallon barrels, many times the capacity of mowers or walk-behind leaf vacuums.