Pro Power. Pro Performance.

The Cyclone Rake Commercial PRO leaf vacuum is perfect for mid to large size properties. It’s amazing vacuum performance and huge 415-gallon capacity turn clearing heavy lawn debris into a ride in the park. With a professional-grade Briggs & Stratton® XR950-PRO engine and 5-Blade Hi-Flow Miracle Impeller, the Commercial PRO gives you 25% more vacuum power than our Commander model. Even wet debris is no match for its 8-inch diameter JetPath Vacuum System. It’s easy to handle and will never jackknife while backing up.

List: $3,489.00 CAD

8-inch Diameter JetPath Vacuum System

You’ll clear deep leaves and heavy wet grass with our exclusive clog-resistant design. The 8-inch diameter JetPath® Vacuum System’s short debris path and streamlined design provide improved debris flow that virtually eliminates clogging. You’ll blast through tough clean-up conditions.

B&S XR950-PRO Engine

The Cyclone Rake Commercial PRO features a rugged XR950-PRO engine by Briggs & Stratton® it produces 9.5 ft-lbs. of torque, and 208cc, to power through your toughest jobs. Upgrade to the 6.5HP Vanguard Engine for an added boost.

Folds Flat for Easy Storage

When the work is done, the Cyclone Rake Commercial PRO is easy to store just about anywhere. You won’t have to give up precious storage space. In just a few minutes, without any tools, it goes from fully assembled to folded flat. You can even hang it on the wall with our garage wall mount! It only takes up about as much space as a push mower.

Hi-Flow Miracle Impeller

The Cyclone Rake Commercial PRO’s 5-blade Hi-Flow Miracle Impeller generates 25% more vacuum power than our 4-blade impeller. It has the same extraordinary damage protection from the impact of rocks and chunks of dead wood often hidden under leaf and lawn debris.

415-Gallon Clean-up Capacity

The Commercial PRO also has a huge 415-gallon capacity, which equals 55 cubic feet or 44 bushels. That’s more than twelve big 32-gallon barrels of mulched debris in a single load. So you get more work done in less time, with fewer trips to unload.

Easy-Flow Unloading & Never Jackknives

Whether it’s spring, summer or fall the Commercial PRO’s Easy-Flow unloading and two-pin hitch makes dumping your debris almost effortless. Just back up to your dumpsite (without jackknifing), lift the collector, lock it in place, and then drive away. Don’t struggle with systems that are hard to unload.