Fifteen feet of reach to unload over a wall, deep in the woods or into a truck.

Unload to Places You Can’t Drive to

Connect the Power Unloader to the Cyclone Rake and empty your debris anywhere you want. It’s a great alternative for people without access to an unloading area or composting pile. With 15 feet of reach, you can blow everything over a wall, deep into the woods or into the back of a truck. The Power Unloader chute can be connected to face either direction for added convenience when unloading your Cyclone Rake.

Note: Requires the Power Vacuum Pickup or Estate Vacuum to use.

Available with our standard-duty PVC hose or with our Tuff-PRO Urethane Super Hose.

Power Unloader(PVC): List: $428.00 CAD

Power Unloader(Urethane): List: $582.00 CAD